Safety and Controls

Our aim is to equip our landfill with technically outstanding equipment and ensure, also through organizational resources, full compliance (legal certainty) of our waste disposal operations.

To meet the requirements of the landfill regulation, together with the regional management of Sachsen, we developed acceptance criteria regulating, among others, the procedure for statutory controls.

According to the landfill regulation, they include the following controls: 

Preliminary Inspections = Document Examination before the First Delivery§ 8 (1) DepV (landfill regulation)

The preliminary inspection is carried out as part of the delivery document release procedure (proof of disposal for hazardous waste; record for non-hazardous waste). The preliminary inspection ensures that any information required for the assessment of the storage capacity of the landfill is available. In close collaboration with our customers and waste producers, we are committed at this stage to obtaining as much information as we can about the waste to be delivered. Based on our experience, extensive knowledge of the waste before its first delivery is a prerequisite for a smooth start of the disposal process. We support you with the release of the required documents!

1.000 Mg-Batch Analysis by Waste Producers § 8 (3) DepV

The waste producer shall submit to the landfill manager an analysis of the key parameters for each started delivery of 1.000 Mg-sized batches. This applies to the 0-1.000 Mg batch at the latest upon first delivery. For further batches, we advise our customers of the delivery progress per e-mail through a 3-stage information system


  • The waste producer are contacted per e-mail before reaching the next 1,000 t
  • Information per e-mail and telephone upon delivery of 1.000 Mg
  • Delivery stop in case the batch quantity is exceeded


For larger batches, the quantity included in a single batch may be adjusted. Under particular circumstances, waste can be delivered even if the batch quantity is exceeded. This waste is segregated and stored only after the analyses have been obtained. 

Acceptance Check for each Delivery § 8 (4) DepV

Each delivery is immediately controlled according to the following criteria.


  • Document inspection
  • Visual control at the weighing scale
  • Weighing of the delivery quantity
  • Organoleptic test (appearance, consistence, colour, smell) at the dumping site.


In case the waste deviates from the basic characteristics or in case of other abnormalities, the waste is not stored, but transferred to the treatment plant. It is rarely rejected. 

Inspection Upon First Delivery § 8 (5) DepV

Upon first delivery, a check of all relevant parameters against the landfill regulation is carried out to ensure the observance of the storage criteria.


  • Waste Delivery
  • Segregation of this and future deliveries - not storage yet!
  • Sampling and analysis

Once it has been established that the storage criteria for the emplacement area have been respected, the deliveries that result to be compliant are released. 


Further Inspections as per § 8 (5) DepV

A check of the key parameters in the following disposal stages is regularly carried out.


  • for hazardous waste: every 2,500 Mg of waste delivered
  • for non-hazardous waste: every 5,000 Mg of waste delivered

At this stage the values are adjusted to the assignment criteria of the relevant emplacement area. Further inspections are necessary, when the description set out in the basic characterization deviate from the actually delivered waste. The controlled supply and other deliveries are segregated until the analysis results are obtained.


Safety System

The waste to be controlled according to the DepV provisions, is set aside in a protected area of the landfill. This means that the delivered waste to be sampled is stored in a specific area of the landfill, where special safety measures apply, yet it is not mixed with the rest. Intermediate deliveries follow the same special procedure. Only after submission of the measurement results and their evaluation showing that the assignment criteria have been met, the segregated bulk material is released for disposal.



  • No waste is deposited, if it does not meet the requirements of the § 6 (1) DepV (landfill regulation)
  • Legal certainty or Compliance with the law for waste producers and landfill operators
  • The bulk material is still "available"
  • Possibility of performing additional sampling, to exclude mistakes in the sampling procedure, sample preparation and analysis.