Waste Disposal

Our Treatment, Recycling and Disposal Service of more than 400 Types of Refuse.

  • Legal Certainty
    The disposal of your refuse in compliance with all statutory rules. 
  • Sustainable
    Environmentally friendly recycling and disposal in modern and ultra safe dumping facilities
  • Long-Lasting
    Disposal safety through high plant availability and extensive capacities until at least 2035
  • Competent
    Expertise acquired through the processing of about 14 million of waste
  • Tailored to the Customer's Need

Cröbern Central Landfill

  • Total capacity about 12 million m³
  • Disposal of DKII refuse
  • Waste disposal in a particular sedimetation zone –DKIII
  • Dust-free dumping of bulk material
  • Up to 5.000 t of waste disposed of daily
  • Ideal motorway access

Bio-mechanical Waste Treatment Plant "MBA Cröbern"

  • Yearly capacity about 300,000 t
  • Recycling of residential and industrial refuse
  • Mechanical and biological treatment of sorting residues and siftings
  • Recycling of reusable materials