Recycling Centres for Private Small Orders


The Kommunalentsorgung Landkreis Leipzig GmbH (KELL) operate on site one of their 10 recycling depots. Upon delivery of the bulky refuse, please bring the bulky refuse delivery card filled out. Register and keep the transaction number ready. You may find the transaction number on your notification of charges. You may find other recycling depots and further information on KELL GmbH internet site under Recycling Depots.


Outside the opening hours of the recycling depot KELL GmbH, private persons may still deliver refuse, which are not included in the above mentioned types. This includes in particular asbestos, mineral wool, roofing felt and plasterboard, etc. The opening hours of the recycling depots are shown on the ZAW web site. For the safe disposal of asbestos and mineral wool, please observe the relevant safety provisions. You may read them in the newsletters "Disposal of Asbestos" and "Disposal of Mineral Wool". To waste disposal applies the fee regulation scheme of the Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Westsachsen (ZAW).