Delivery via Truck

Our plants are situated at a logistically favourable location and easy to reach from the A 38 highway connecting A 9 with A 14 and the federal roads 2 and 95.

Location & Directions

Delivery via Railway

For large quantities of waste and/or waste located at a greater distance, we can also offer, in cooperation with our partner companies, delivery via railway.

Through the railway lines next to WEV, non-hazardous waste and asbestos-containing material can be handled. New solutions for other types of waste are in the pipeline.

Alternatively, also our work experience through transshipment terminals such as Leipzig-Plagwitz and Espenhain has proven successful.

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Transport through WEV

We work together with companies based in the region, reliable carriers and on request we can offer you our disposal performance even with transport service from the point of collection.

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We can collect your waste at the nearest harbour!