Disposal Documents

All producers, transport carriers and waste disposal companies of hazardous waste as well as the competent law enforcement bodies are obliged, in the pursuance of the directive on the verification process (Ordinance on Proof of Recycling and Disposal - NachwV), to take part in the electronic verification process.

Moreover the use of the qualified digital signature instead of the handwritten signature within the framework of this procedure, is mandatory. This procedure gives full and proper effect to the electronic verification process concerning waste disposal.

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We are reliable partners in the waste disposal business both on a national and international level. Thanks to our experience, we can support you to prepare all documents to be exhibited according to all relevant law provisions in order to obtain the notification authorization.

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The DepV requires that sampling for analyses by the producers be carried out according to LAGA PN 98 and be recorded.

We offer our consulting service on sampling and supply you with a template for the record in compliance with LAGA PN 98. As trained samplers we will test your waste upon request. We recommend laboratories that analyse your samples according to the DepV. Contact

Training Courses

We organize training courses for you about current topics, for instance the sampling procedure in compliance with LAGA PN 98. Besides the theoretic principles, knowledge is applied to bulk materials in order to gain practical experience as well.

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Segregated Waste

The waste, that according to the DepV provisions is to be controlled, is segregated in the landfill. Link

This means that the delivered waste to be sampled is stored in a specific area of the landfill, where special safety measures apply, yet it is not mixed with the rest. Similarly, intermediate deliveries follow the same special procedure. Only after submission of the measurement results and their evaluation showing that the assignment criteria have been respected, the segregated bulk material is released for disposal.


  • no waste is deposited, if it does not meet the requirements of the DepV. § 6 (1) - Legal certainty for waste producers and operators of dumping facilities.
  • The bulk material is still "available". - Possibility of performing additional sampling, to exclude mistakes in the sampling procedure, sample preparation and analysis.
  • no "hindrance" on site

Special Solutions


Interim Storage Facility

The authorized temporary storage capacity of our interim storage facility is 70.000 tons of non-hazardous waste. Non-treated waste according to the MBA catalogue may be temporarily stored up to 12 months.

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