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As Solution Providers, we implement regulatory compliant practices in cooperation with the competent authorities or partners!

Ashes and Dust Mix in the Silo

After developing special unloading techniques for smart disposal management, we can now easily unload dust and ashes from the silo vehicles in an environmental friendly way without additional expenses for our customers.

It is now possible to carry out dust-free unloading operations at the placement site of our landfill.

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Chemically Reactive Waste

Waste such as ashes from the incineration of refuse derived fuels may contain, due to the materials used, aluminium particles and form reactive gases in combination with water.

In conjunction with our authorities we developed a special unloading and placing technique, that enables safe unloading and disposing of such waste in compliance with the law provisions.

Asbestos-Containing Waste

Asbestos is a carcinogenic substance. When disposing of waste containing asbestos, maximum safety is a priority, to prevent the release of fibres.

According to TRGS 519, products with asbestos content should be

  • packaged dust-tight in Bigbags
  • marked and
  • delivered to the landfill

separately from the other refuse.

Upon consultation we may dispose of bigger components and pipes as well.

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NORM Disposal

Taking advantage of the safest dumping technique, we face the challenge to dispose of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials, the so-called NORM waste.

Besides the relevant guidelines, for the disposal of this waste the provisions on radiation protection apply.

Before the NORM waste can be disposed of in our landfill, it is necessary to obtain the radiation protection permission and the approval released by the authorities.

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Ion Exchange Resins released by Drinking Water Treatment

In some German regions, for instance in Southern Harz, drinking water contains too high amounts of poisonous and radioactive uranium, which must therefore be filtered. Its purification occurs by means of ion exchange resins, which attract uranium ions. The radiation level is very low, just above the natural radiation.

In cooperation with the competent regional government authorities, a first batch of waste could be safely stored in our landfill.

Waste Resulting from Fire

Waste resulting from fire may not be disposed of in waste incineration plants due to solvents and moisture. We have many years of experience in the field of safe, long-term disposal of such waste in compliance with the law at the central Cröbern landfill. This also applies to fire wastes, that are contaminated by asbestos and cannot be separated.

When dealing with fire debris characterized by high values in the organic parameters, we file on your behalf the application with the competent authority - in this case, the Landesdirektion Leipzig - until we obtain relevant approval pursuant to § 6 (6) DepV.

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Waste with High Organic Load

Because of its origin, some waste has high organic TOC and DOC values that do not permit a direct storage in our waste disposal facility. This occurs especially with sludge and by-products from screening processes.

In the biologic treatment stage of our MBA, this waste may be pre-treated. Thanks to the biodegradation under controlled conditions, it is possible to meet the DepV criteria. We are pleased to advise you of the acceptance criteria.


Individual Offers for Special Waste

The disposal costs for waste, which is deposited in the landfill and in the MBA depend, among others, on the amount of material to be disposed of and its load. However specific properties such as density and granulation or particular characteristics associated with the technical parameters for the construction of our dumping facility may play an important role in price fixing.

Upon receipt of all necessary documents related to auditing, we will provide you with a specially tailored quotation.

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Reminder Function

The waste producer is obliged to submit to the landfill manager an analysis of the key parameters for each started delivery of 1.000 Mg sized batches.

This applies to the 0-1.000 Mg batch at the latest upon first delivery.

For further batches, we inform our customers of the delivery progress per e-mail through a 3-stage information system

  • News to the waste producer are sent per e-mail before reaching the next 1,000 t
  • Information per e-mail and telephone upon delivery of 1.000 Mg
  • Delivery stop in case the batch quantity is exceeded.

For bigger delivered batches, the quantity included in a single batch may be adjusted.

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Trading and Brokering

We obtained the administrative authorization to professionally trade and farm out waste disposal activities according to § 54 KrW/AbfG on both a national and international level. Within the framework of the EfB certification, we are certified operators. We farm out waste disposal activities, which we cannot carry out ourselves, to reliable and verified partners.

Safety System

The waste that requires checking according to the DepV regulation, follows special safety procedures in the landfill. Link

This means that the waste to be sampled is stored in a specific area of the landfill intended for safe storage, yet it is not mixed with the rest. Similarly, intermediate deliveries are safely stored. Only after the submission of measurement results showing that the assignment criteria have been met, the protected bulk material is released for disposal.


  • No waste is deposited, if it does not meet the requirements of the DepV. § 6 (1) - Legal certainty for waste producers and operators of dumping facilities
  • The bulk material is still "available". - Possibility of performing additional sampling in order to exclude mistakes in the sampling procedure, sample preparation and analysis.
  • no "hindrance" on site Interim Storage Facility The authorized temporary storage capacity of our interim storage facility is 70.000 tons of non-hazardous waste. Non-treated waste according to the MBA catalogue may be temporarily stored up to 12 months.

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