Waste Producers' Obligations according to the Landfill Regulation DepV

Although it is called LANDFILL Regulation, the DepV includes a number of obligations that PRODUCERS have to fulfil during the dumping process. Failing to observe them may result in heavy administrative fines. Our concern is to cooperate with you, the waste producers, to achieve legally compliant waste disposal procedures. We advise you of the legal requirements of waste disposal and invite you to hand over the required documents and data.

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Waste Producers' Obligations according to the Landfill Regulation DepV

Basic Waste Characterization § 8 (1) DepV

The waste producer is bound by the duty to deliver in due time and before the first delivery to the landfill operator the basic waste characterization including the minimum set of data. For our customers we developed a form, which clearly shows the requirements to be met according to § 8 (1) and makes the basic waste characterization more easy. 

Waste Producer's Duty to Supply Information on the Modifications of the Waste Producing Process § 8 (1) DepV

After any change in the waste producing process that modifies the leaching behaviour or the waste composition, the waste producer shall submit the data of the basic characterization again.

1.000 Mg-Analysis by Waste Producers § 8 (3) DepV / Our Reminder Service

The waste producer shall submit to the landfill manager an analysis of the key parameters for each delivery of 1.000 Mg-sized batch that is already started. This applies at the latest to the first delivery of a 0-1.000 Mg batch. For further batches, we inform our customers of the delivery progress per e-mail through a 3-stage information system.

  • The waste producer is warned per e-mail before reaching the next 1,000 t
  • Information per e-mail and telephone upon delivery of 1.000 Mg
  • Delivery stop in case the batch quantity is exceeded


For larger delivered batches, the quantity included in each batch may be adjusted. Under particular circumstances, waste can be delivered even if the batch quantity is exceeded. This waste is segregated and stored only after the analyses have been submitted.