Our Mission - Cröbern Central Landfill

Our Mission - Cröbern Central Landfill

Any recycling economy project is meaningless, when pollutants are contained in the waste - no one is willing to recycle the carcinogenic fibres of asbestos. Nobody wants to reintroduce into the biosphere such agents as lead, arsenic, mercury or even worse substances. Our mission is to safely and permanently store these substances in the landfill - whenever the recycling or thermal destruction of the hazardous substances cannot be currently or prospectively carried out. This relates to mineral waste such as contaminated soil, ashes, slags, construction and demolition waste such as asbestos and insulating material, debris and much more. Today. Tomorrow. Safe.

The relocation site selected in 1992 at the dumping ground of a former brown coal mining area reclaims a part of the degraded land and lies far from built-up areas.

Through the erection of various barriers we keep groundwater protected in a reliable manner. The leachate infiltration is collected and purified to almost drinking-water quality. The landfill gas that builts up in the old area, is converted into electricity as cost-effective and resource-friendly as possible. The landfill has a walkable underground tunnel all along the facility that enables the monitoring - unique in Germany - of the bottom waterproof lining.

Preventive Measures for the After-Closure Care!

Upon completion of the waste emplacement, a landfill must be insulated and monitored over centuries - Adequate funds have already been raised and assigned to this purpose. Our planning extends up to 2070 - the landfill will be a task for many generations to come.

Land reclamation projects similar to the Seehausen dumping facility project, where a public viewpoint and a golf court have turned the "Berg" (mountain) into a popular tourist destination, will not end at the ZDC until 2035.