Acceptance Conditions

The Waste Code Number should be included in the ZDC Catalogue (DKII) or in the administrative ruling relevant to a specific disposal area (DKIII).

The ZDC assignment criteria shall be met.

Please note that under specific circumstances, if the assignment criteria are exceeded, the landfill directive allows some exceptions.

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Evidence of compliance with the assignment criteria is provided by submitting the results of the analyses conducted according to the DepV.

Under the DepV, the sampling for waste producers' analyses shall be carried out and recorded according to LAGA PN 98. We provide technical advice on the sampling procedure and supply you with a form template in compliance with LAGA PN 98.

The waste acceptance at a landfill occurs through basic characterization. We drew up a form for our customers that clearly shows the requirements set out in § 8 (1) DepV and makes the basic waste characterization more easy.

Once the required documents have been verified and the landfill storage capacity assessed, we keep records of

  • non-hazardous waste
  • hazardous waste, proof of waste disposal in the eANV

Depending on the type of waste, for each delivery, the following documents are required:

  • non-hazardous waste, delivery notes
  • hazardous waste, accompanying dispatch notes in the eANV

The delivery generally occurs through self-dumping trucks.

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