Our approach is ...

... environment-conscious!

The recycling of household and bulky waste in the MBA and the prolonged storage of mineral waste in the landfill are unavoidable elements of a responsible closed cycle waste management and therefore included in our environmental protection policy.

We take on the responsibility to carry out these tasks as environmentally friendly as possible. Hence the maximum purification of the leachate, the recycling of materials coming from the MBA, the constant emission monitoring and the commitment to work in pursuit of constant improvements are common practice.

With regards to climate protection we underline that different studies rate the recycling of the household waste in the MBA more positively than garbage incineration. Moreover, many measures, notably the optimisation of energy efficiency of the MBA, the conversion of landfill gas into electricity, our photovoltaic plants, the use of electric excavators, the location of KELL and much more, definitely contribute to climate protection.

... costumer-oriented!

As waste producers, our customers are legally bound to observe a proper and environmentally compatible disposal of the refuse. The waste producers' liability does not end with the waste delivery to a third party.

We are committed to carrying out the punctual disposal of our customers' refuse.

Our services include reliable advice on suitable disposal facilities, when the customer's waste is not suitable for our plants.

Besides its regulatory compliance, our company is now a certified waste management company and abides by the ISO:9001 quality assurance standard. We monitor our continuous improvements, by subjecting us to special audits held by our customers, for instance in the chemical or automotive field.

... a part of the whole process!

Being a mainly publicly owned company, we feel particularly committed to pursuing the company mission. This also involves that we fulfil our tasks of achieving very high quality standards as well as the maximum cost-efficiency.

We promote activities in Großpösna and the surrounding region, which deal with the story of the whole mining area as well as ecologic topics, notably the basic and advanced training.

We strive to support the municipal vocational education in waste recycling and management, the implementation of occupational traineeship and student placement in WEV.

In conjunction with the ZAW we issue the waste management newsletter, organize visits, provide regularly invitations to the company's open house - striving for clearness and fairness in our work.

To cut it short: Even as a company, we are a good and approachable neighbour.

... self-conscious!

Our employees' safety in the workplace is our top priority. Safety in the workplace is implemented through a number of technical and organisational measures. Last, but not least, it is guaranteed by every worker's attention and motivation.

For a company with less than 100 employees, our efforts to ensure primary health care as well as lifelong training and qualification are exceptional.

In these last few years, a consistent set of measures has resulted in a remarkably lower rate of sick leaves and work accidents in comparison with the sector average.