Compliance – Implementation at WEV

The concept of "Compliance“ used in economics includes the observance of the rules in the broadest sense of the term. On the one hand statutory regulations are a key element of lawful business practice, for instance the rules on work and environment protection. On the other hand WEV stresses the importance of the company guidelines and business instructions. The existing business instructions for WEV processes and operations are provided with clear and verifiable descriptions of tasks and competencies. An internal and external check is performed on a regular basis. The company policy sets out the "principle of greater scrutiny" for an authoritative decision making process. The implementation and control of this principle is an essential part of the WEV corruption prevention system.

The idea of "compliance“ is often equated to "prevention of corruption". It is expected that all persons involved, managers and workers comply with the law and therefore neither corrupt others nor are corrupted. Few years ago WEV released a regulation on accepting and giving company gifts, which is coherently implemented.

Not all situations in the everyday working life may be regulated beforehand. The company management appointed a co-ordinator in charge of the compliance, who provides practical assistance and support for all relevant issues that may arise.